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In a Dirty Water News article by writer Bob Gallagher of Media Crush ; light is shed on the fact that NH is finally getting its due in terms of being recognized for its vibrant hospitality and nightlife scene.  While the NH Nightlife Awards are primarily focused on southern NH this year there are plans on expanding the brand and categories for the event next year.  NH Nightclub News was part of the venue selection committee and one of the sponsors for the event.

The following article is re-published with permission of the editors and publishers of Dirty Water News.  The original article can be found at the following link:


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For over ten years the nightlife scene in Southern NH has been trending upward and gaining momentum. That organic energy has inspired Dirty Water News to take action and announce the 1st Annual Southern NH Nightlife Awards!

SJ Torres publisher of Dirty Water News and founder of the Nightlife Awards has a clear vision for the brand which includes growing it locally.

  “I am very excited to finally bring this event to my home state of New Hampshire. We have been doing this event for over 10 yrs .The last 2 yrs we have brought this award show to Martha’s Vineyard and next summer Newport Rhode Island.  This event was created to “celebrate the stars of the nightlife industry. “

The date for the awards is Wednesday October 15th at  9pm  with a VIP Reception from 8 – 9pm.

Please submit your nominations as soon as possible!


The screening process for a location has been ongoing for the past three months, the selection committee members took a lot into consideration before finalizing their decision Tuesday night; venue size, logistics, staging, staff, sound, lighting, geography and parking were all part of the equation.

A final decision was reached to hold the 1st Annual NH Nightlife Awards at Club ManchVegas in Manchester NH.

When Don Maxim GM of Club ManchVegas was asked about his venue being selected as the location for the Nightlife Awards he had this to say.

“We are flattered, it’s a privilege to hold this at our venue.  We look forward to getting all the hospitality professionals together to share in an industry celebration.  We are going to make sure that the event is memorable for everyone who attends”

Club ManchVegas current success is the result of veteran nightlife and hospitality professional Don Maxim. Don took over the reins of ManchVegas  about six months ago.  Don came up with the strategy to reboot the venue by adding Big Country Fridays in collaboration with Dave Mcurdy from Midnight Rodeo Bar.

“The night continues to be a big success appealing to an under-served audience.  This allowed us to begin rolling out more live music on Saturday Nights bringing in some of the best live entertainment in New England.”

When asked about the success Don replied

“The number one reason for our success is without a doubt the amazing staff we have in place without them we have no foundation”


This is the start of something special in NH!   Dirty Water News recently began distribution in the Granite State, their boxes can be found in many locations throughout the state, look for it’s presence to grow stronger in the months ahead.

“I want to thank Don Maxim and Media Crush for their support on The 2014 Southern New Hampshire Nightlife Awards.” Added SJ.

Be on the lookout for SJ and members of the NH Nightlife Awards team heading out with viking helmet in hand to promote the October Event!

In the months ahead NH Nightclub News will increase its relationship with Dirty Water News.  Dirty Water News expansion into the Granite State is a breath of fresh air as broadcasting hospitality and nightlife news & events in print has limited for years.  We look forward to DWN breaking that mold and helping to bring a new energy to the scene here in NH!

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